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Connecting and disconnecting your service

We can help with your complaint about problems connecting or disconnecting your landline, mobile or internet service, or having your service mistakenly disconnected. To resolve your complaint about a connection or disconnection problem, we’ll consider the law, good industry practice and fairness.

Types of connection and disconnection complaints

We deal with complaints about connection and disconnection such as:

  • unreasonable delays connecting a new service or enhanced call handling features, such as call waiting and calling number display
  • missed technician appointments for connection
  • services unable to be connected because a previous service at the property hasn’t been disconnected
  • services disconnected by mistake
  • services not disconnected on the date agreed or advised.


What you should expect from your provider: the law and industry practice

Your landline should be connected promptly 

Generally, landlines and enhanced call handling features should be connected within five business days in urban areas. However, in rural areas providers have longer to make the connection, and sometimes exemptions from this standard may apply.

Your internet and mobile services should be connected when you agreed 

Providers should connect your internet or mobile service within the timeframe agreed with you. If you didn’t agree on the timeframe, they should connect the service within a reasonable time. 

Disconnections should happen on the date you agreed 

When a provider agrees to disconnect a service on a particular date, they should carry out the disconnection on that date. Providers should not delay disconnection because of an overdue debt, and they should not charge for service after the agreed disconnection date.

More information

For more detailed information read our guidance on Connection and disconnection of services - in detail.

How we've helped other customers

A consumer was transferring his service from one provider to another, and lost his number in the process.
Both the new and the old service providers managed to solve the issue and the new service provider gave the consumer a credit on their account.
This page was last updated on
31st Aug 2021