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Setting up a service

Guides for Setting up a service

  • We can help with your complaint about how a provider behaved when selling you a product or service, including what information they provided. We can also help with complaints about contracts that you didn’t agree to.

  • We can help with your complaint about problems that happened when you transferred an existing service from one provider to another.

  • We can help with your complaint about problems connecting or disconnecting your landline, mobile or internet service, or having your service mistakenly disconnected.

  • We expect providers to provide post-paid services to you responsibly. A “post-paid” service is a service you pay for after you use all or some of the service. For example, you might pay an access fee to use a mobile service in advance, but you pay all call and data charges after you use them. You can also include a handset or tablet in a post paid plan that you pay off through regular repayments. Usually, these products have minimum term contracts of 12, 24 or 36 months.