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Help for consumers at risk

On this page:

  1. Our commitment to people and businesses at risk
  2. How we define ‘at risk’
  3. How we can help 

Our commitment to people and businesses at risk

We are committed to providing an empathetic and accessible service to those who are left vulnerable or at risk by their access to communications technology.

It’s important to us that we provide timely assistance to help people and businesses at risk resolve their complaints quickly.

How we define ‘at risk’

You may be ‘at risk’ if you are experiencing a crisis such as:

  • an urgent medical or safety need
  • a risk of losing bank finance
  • your business is at risk of incurring a loss
  • you need urgent financial hardship support from your provider
  • you are impacted by bushfires or another natural disaster.

How we can help

If your request is urgent or if you are impacted by a natural disaster

Call us on 1800 046 686 or 03 8600 8308 

Our case officers have been trained to handle personal information and will prioritise your complaint.