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Who we can help

Individual consumers

An individual consumer is an individual person who uses a telecommunications provider’s services for personal purposes. Most providers only allow one person to be listed as the account holder of a residential account.

Small business and not-for-profit consumers 

Generally, a small business or not-for-profit consumer has up to $3,000,000 annual turnover and no more than 20 full-time employees. 

We will take into account if employees are permanent, casual, and if employment is seasonal or voluntary. 

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Owners and occupiers of property

We can help a person who occupies or owns a property if they have a complaint involving one of our members about property damage and related liabilities, as well as unsafe or non-compliant equipment.

We can also help a person who occupies or owns a property if they have an objection to a telco carrier’s proposed land access activity on their land. For more information, please see:
•   Objections to land access activities proposed by carriers
•   Our current Guidelines on Land Access Jurisdiction 2022. 

An account holder or their representative

We can help you if you’re the account holder, or someone who’s been authorised to act on their behalf. 

This could be an advocate, carer, credit repair agency, family member or friend, financial counsellor or legal representative. For a small business, it could be an employee. 

Important: You must give permission

You need to give the representative verbal permission to act on your behalf. We may also ask you to complete an authorisation form to give your representative written permission to make the complaint on your behalf.

Find out more about making a complaint for someone else

Ready to make a complaint? 

If you’ve already attempted to resolve your complaint directly with the telco and you believe we can help, start your complaint online now.

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If you still aren’t sure if we can deal with your complaint, contact us. If we can’t help, we’ll refer to another organisation who can.