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If you’ve already tried to resolve your complaint with your internet or phone provider you can make a complaint with us. Our process helps support residents and small businesses to settle disputes fairly.

Who we can help

If you’re a residential or small business customer or an account holder we can help you with your complaint.

Find out if you we can help you

What we can help with

Find out which complaints we are able to help you with.

Learn which complaints we handle

What to expect

Get familiar with the complaints process and what to expect when you make a complaint.

Learn about the complaints process

Making a complaint for someone else

If you know someone who needs to make a complaint you can make a complaint on their behalf.

Find out how you can help

Help for people and businesses at risk

We offer support for residents and small businesses who are vulnerable or at risk.

Learn what help is available

Update an existing complaint

If you have an existing complaint you can update it with new or more information.

Go to the form to update your complaint