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Systemic Issues

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman’s systemic investigation power allows the organisation to identify issues with the telecommunications industry’s regular systems, processes or practices and issues that may cause detriment to residential consumers and small businesses.

By investigating issues, raising awareness, and working with telecommunications providers to make recommended changes, the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman drives improvements in the delivery of telecommunications services leading to better outcomes for consumers and the telecommunications industry.

There are two types of systemic reports:

Systemic Spotlights raise awareness of systemic issues identified by our office.

Aug 2019 Misleading telemarketing of NBN services PDF
Feb 2019 Reducing fraudsters' theft of mobile numbers PDF


Systemic Insights provide in-depth analysis, findings and recommendations about systemic issues identified by the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman in order to improve industry practice.

Feb 2019 Sales Practices Driving Consumer Debt PDF
Jul 2018 Loss of telephone numbers during migration to the NBN PDF