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About TIO

Bob’s internet is down, and he can’t fix it with his telco. Where can he go for help? And what is an Ombudsman?

Our Purpose

We provide a fair, independent, and accessible external dispute resolution service for individual consumers, occupiers and owners of property, small businesses and not-for-profits who have been unable to resolve their complaint with a phone or internet service provider.

Our service is free and complies with the Government Benchmarks for Industry-Based Customer Dispute Resolution

We fulfil our statutory obligation to resolve objections to land access activities proposed by telecommunications carriers.

We use the most appropriate means to resolve a complaint, from referral to conciliation, investigation and determination.

We collect and review information about complaints provided by consumers, occupiers, and service providers. We use these insights to provide analysis and views to the community, regulators, government and the telecommunications industry about matters that are impacting, or may impact, on telecommunications consumers. We also analyse this information to identify trends and systemic issues, to inform of areas for improvement, and to assist with addressing the root causes of complaints.

Our Core Values




We are impartial, transparent and accessible. We communicate openly and clearly so that everyone can participate effectively to achieve our purpose.



We are accountable for what we say and do. We conduct ourselves professionally, listen and welcome diversity.




We strive to learn and continually improve. We deliver high quality and timely services.



We embrace diverse backgrounds, ideas, opinions and knowledge and grow from our collective experiences. We work together to produce great outcomes.

Structure and Governance

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman Limited (TIO) was established in 1993 to provide a free and independent dispute resolution service for small business and individual consumers who have an unresolved complaint about their telephone or internet service in Australia. Telecommunications service providers (including carriers and eligible carriage services providers) are required to be members and fund the dispute resolution scheme operated by the TIO.

The TIO has jurisdiction to handle complaints about telephone and internet services. It has authority to make decisions that are binding on the service provider (up to $100,000).

The TIO is a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee and governed by a Board of Directors. The Board consists of equal numbers of industry, consumer and independent Directors, with a requirement that one of the independent Directors be appointed as Chair. The organisation is managed by an independent Ombudsman in accordance with the Company Constitution and Terms of Reference.

Our Organisation chart details our current business structure. 

Agreements with regulators and other bodies

The TIO has memoranda of understanding with our key regulators and other bodies to support compliance with our scheme and facilitate information sharing about systemic issues and complaint trends.

LGBTQ+ inclusion at the TIO

LGBTQ+ inclusion at the TIO

The TIO is an equal opportunity employer committed to providing a safe and inclusive working environment that embraces LGBTQ+ diversity.

We are a proud member of Pride in Diversity. 

Our employee-led LGBTQ+ network, Proud @ TIO, actively promotes LGBTQ+ inclusion by: 

  • Providing a welcoming and inclusive network of proud LGBTQ+ individuals
  • Facilitating regular training on LGBTQ+ related issues
  • Commemorating days of significance
  • Providing confidential contacts and dedicated grievance officers trained by Pride in Diversity
  • Advocating for positive changes to policies and employee entitlements 

The TIO is an inclusive organisation that works to ensure all employees can bring their truest selves to work.