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Making a complaint for someone else

Who you can represent

You can act on someone else’s behalf when moving through our complaints process.

You may be an advocate, carer, credit repair agency, family member or friend, financial counsellor or legal representative. For a small business, you could be an employee.

How the process works

To contact us, you must have their consent

When you first contact us, we will only need the verbal consent of the person you are representing. 

If your complaint moves to the next stage, you need their written consent

Providing written consent involves asking the person you are representing to complete an authorisation form that gives you permission to make the complaint on their behalf. 

Read more about the stages of a complaint process in What to expect 

Tasks you will need to complete

You will need to be actively engaged in the complaints process.

This means: 

  • being available to speak to the service provider and the TIO
  • providing information and documentation for the complaint
  • making decisions on behalf of the person you are representing about how the complaint is resolved. 

Authorisation forms

We will let you know when the person you are representing will need to complete an authorisation (consent) form. If you’re unsure, you or the person you are representing can call us to ask.

Form if you’re representing an individual

For individuals and sole traders with an account registered under their personal name.

Download form: Authorisation of representatives – Individual 

Form if you’re representing a small businesses

You’ll need information about the business, including:

  • employee numbers
  • annual turnover
  • business activities and structure
  • telecommunications services used.

Download form: Authorisation of representatives – Business 

How to return the authorisation form

Return your completed and signed form by:



1800 630 614


Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman
PO Box 276


Update your existing complaint online and upload your form as an attachment.

Start your complaint now

Start your complaint online now.

Or call us on 1800 062 058

If you still aren’t sure if we can deal with your complaint, contact us. If we can’t help, we’ll refer to another organisation who can.