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Tips when setting up a mobile service

Research your new mobile service before buying

  • Review online or printed information your provider supplies about your new mobile service before signing up. Be sure to check plan information, mobile coverage maps for your area, and any phone features you need. Your provider’s Critical Information Summary (CIS) for the service you are looking at is a good place to start.
  • If you sign up in-store, take the information with you to help your provider find the most suitable options for your needs. Tell your provider where and how you plan to use the service and ask them to confirm how much the service will cost you per month.

If something about your new service is not what you expected, tell your provider

  • If you signed up for something that is not what you asked for, contact your provider and explain what you needed and what you were sold.
  • Your provider may be able to replace what you were sold with something more suitable for your needs.

Be aware of the limitations of mobile services, and have back-up options

  • Mobile services can sometimes be unreliable, particularly where a provider has patchy coverage. If you need to use a phone in an area where mobiles are unreliable, ask your provider about what back-up options they can offer.
  • If you normally use your mobile at home, consider getting a landline or fixed line internet service, as these may be more reliable than your mobile.

Check coverage maps before moving

  • Before you move house, check your provider’s coverage maps to see whether your provider has coverage at your new location. If you are unsure, call your provider.
  • If your provider does not have coverage at your new location, ask about changing providers.
  • Be aware you may need to pay the remaining handset costs if you change providers.

Check available payment methods before signing up

  • Check the terms and conditions for your new plan before signing up to make sure the available payment methods are suitable for your needs.

Contact your provider if you need payment flexibility

  • If you need flexibility for your next payment, contact your provider to talk about it before the payment is due. Make sure you keep a record of what you discussed and agreed on, and when you had a discussion.

If you can’t contact your provider, contact us

  • If you try to contact your provider through its advertised channels but cannot communicate with anyone or do not receive a response, contact us on 1800 062 058 or at

How we've helped other customers

A consumer was transferring his service from one provider to another, and lost his number in the process.
Both the new and the old service providers managed to solve the issue and the new service provider gave the consumer a credit on their account.
This page was last updated on
20th Jul 2022