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Develop a back-up plan to avoid financial loss

While most small businesses rely on phone and internet services, many do not have a back-up plan in place if a fault interrupts the services. When small businesses don’t take steps to reduce the impact of a fault, it can cause loss of income and make it harder for the business to ask for compensation from their provider. 

We recommend small businesses and providers ensure there’s a back-up in place if phone or internet services are disrupted.

Tips for small businesses on reducing phone and internet problems

Be prepared with a back-up plan

Prepare a back-up plan in case there’s a fault with your phone or internet services. Consider what alternative services your business can rely on and what you can do to stay in touch with your customers. Check whether your provider offers interim services when faults occur.

Protect your business

Contact your provider to report the fault and take steps to protect your business.

For instance:

  • When a telephone service fails, ask the provider to divert incoming calls to a mobile phone number
  • When an internet service fails, purchase a mobile internet device
  • When a telephone number is lost, advertise an alternative number

Be prepared if you want to claim

To claim compensation for business loss, you will need to show the steps you took to protect your business and demonstrate the loss you incurred as a result of your provider not meeting its obligations.


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This page was last updated on
01st Jan 2022