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Sign up to products that meet your business needs

When choosing phone or internet products, small businesses have many more options to consider than residential consumers. The costs of getting these options wrong, particularly when combined with poor sales experiences, can lead to complaints.

We recommend small businesses and providers identify the business’ needs, consider suitable options and focus on key relevant terms before an agreement is signed.

Tips for small businesses on reducing phone and internet problems

Consider your business needs

Before you enter an agreement, take the time to consider the phone and internet needs of your business. Know your budget. Know the length of time your business can commit to. Shop around for the right product.

Be aware of sales pressure

Even if you’re feeling pressured by a salesperson (whether in store or at your business), don’t rush your decision. Feel free to ask for an unsigned copy of the agreement you or an adviser can review later.

Understand what you’re signing

Carefully read the agreement and ask the provider to explain any terms you are uncertain about before signing. If you think a product does not meet the needs of your business, ask the provider about alternatives. Keep a full copy of the agreement you signed.


Download the Tip sheet for small businesses on reducing phone and internet problems

Download the Tip sheet for phone and internet providers on assisting small businesses

Download the systemic investigation report "Addressing the causes of small business complaints"

This page was last updated on
31st Aug 2021