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Make it easy for your provider to organise a new connection

It often takes more time to connect new phone and internet services for a small business compared to a residential consumer. The number and type of services may affect the time needed to complete the connections. Small businesses may experience particular issues with delayed connections, such as having to move to new premises without working services or difficulties with setting up premises for connection to the NBN.

We recommend small businesses and providers minimise the risks when connecting new services by checking that the business address is correct, communicating about expected connection timeframes or delays and planning for enough connection time.

Tips for small businesses on reducing phone and internet problems

Check your business’ address

When filling out an application form for an NBN service, check the business address you’ve provided matches the address in your lease agreement or utility bills. Tell your provider if your business operates from a shared office space, shopping strip, or shopping centre.

Allow enough time for connection

Allow your provider enough time to process your connection request, especially if you have multiple numbers or additional services (such as fax lines). Ask your provider for an estimate of connection time.

Keep existing phone services active

When waiting for a new phone service to be connected, keep your existing phone service active. This is because your provider can’t transfer a phone number associated with a disconnected service.


Download the Tip sheet for small businesses on reducing phone and internet problems

Download the Tip sheet for phone and internet providers on assisting small businesses

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This page was last updated on
31st Aug 2021