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Recurring faults

The problem

Your provider cannot guarantee a fault-free service. But it does need to fix faults when you report them.

Some faults can happen again, even when your provider has fixed them. Some faults come and go, with the service working perfectly in-between. We call these recurring faults.

Recurring faults may be caused by an underlying problem or different factors contributing to the same fault.

Recurring faults can appear as the same fault each time or a series of faults affecting the service in different ways.

What you should do when you have a recurring fault

Tell your provider about the fault every time it happens.

Keep a note of every time you tell your provider.

What your provider should do

Your provider should fix the fault, including any underlying causes of a recurring fault.

Your provider should do this in a reasonable time, depending on the type of service and the type of fault. In some circumstances, your provider may have to fix the fault in a set timeframe, for example for a standard telephone service under the Customer Service Guarantee Standard.

How we handle complaints about recurring faults

When we handle complaints about recurring faults we consider:

  • the frequency and nature of the fault
  • when and how often you reported the fault
  • what your provider did to fix any underlying causes of the fault
  • the quality of your service between faults
  • how the fault affected your use of your service.

If your provider does not correctly identify and fix a recurring landline fault, you may have the right to compensation under the Customer Service Guarantee Standard.

The Customer Service Guarantee Standard says faults on standard telephone services have to be fixed within set timeframes. In some circumstances your provider may have to pay you compensation for a delay in fixing a fault, or if a technician misses an appointment. There are exceptions to this general rule, so ask your provider if you qualify for compensation.

If your provider cannot fix a fault on your phone or internet service in a reasonable time, you may be entitled to the remedies available under the Australian Consumer Law, such as a refund for the time your service did not work.

If you have a problem with the speed of your internet service, our help guide Slow internet speed has more information about remedies you may be entitled to.

This page was last updated on
30th Aug 2021