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Faulty services

We can help with your complaint about services that are faulty. To resolve your complaint, we consider what is fair and reasonable in the circumstances having regard to the law, relevant industry codes, guidelines, and good practice. 

Types of complaints about faulty services

We deal with complaints about faulty services such as: 

  • coverage or data transfer speeds that don’t match what was promoted or promised
  • delays connecting a service or fixing a fault with a service 
  • faulty enhanced call handling features or add-on services
  • outages
  • recurring service faults
  • missed technician appointments.

What you should expect from your provider

Problems with your landline should be fixed quickly

Generally, a fault affecting a landline phone should be fixed by the end of the first full day after you report the fault. However, telcos have longer to fix the fault in some circumstances, such as in some rural and regional areas or circumstances beyond the telco’s control.  

Your telco should try to reduce the impact of outages 

Where practical, telcos should schedule planned outages for off-peak hours, keep them as short as possible, and warn you in advance. Telcos shouldn’t charge you for any period where a long or unreasonable outage meant you couldn’t use the service. 

More information

For more detailed information on faulty services, read our guidance on Faulty services - in detail.
If your complaint involves faulty equipment, please see our guidance Complaints about equipment.

How we've helped other customers

Dr Kumari did not get an explanation for her mobile outage.
After we referred the complaint, Fort Mobile told Dr Kumari a network outage had impacted her town. Fort Mobile resolved the complaint by refunding the service charges Dr Kumari had paid during the time her service was not working.
Telco C credits customers who received high bills after using a ‘pre-paid’ service
We worked with Telco C to help it improve the information it gave customers about possible data charges
This page was last updated on
24th Nov 2023