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Work continues: recognising and responding to family violence inside and out

When it comes to recognising and responding to family violence, there is always more to do.

The TIO is on the same important journey as many organisations and the broader community in understanding the impacts of family violence.

Following the December 2020 release of the Systemic Investigation “Meeting the needs of consumers impacted by family violence”, work continues at the TIO to understand and respond to family violence when impacting phone and internet complaints.

On Thursday 25 February 2021, the TIO held a webinar for telcos on meeting the needs of consumers impacted by family violence. Telcos learnt about how the TIO conducts systemic investigations, the key findings of the latest systemic report, and what the telco industry can do to help vulnerable consumers.

Ombudsman Judi Jones says her organisation is here to help both consumers and telcos recognise and respond to family violence. “Our understanding and approach to the impact of phone and internet complaints in family violence continues to evolve. I encourage providers to think deeply about changes they can make to best support consumers impacted by family violence."

The TIO has been working with family violence experts on how to best meet the needs of consumers and its employees who may be experiencing family violence.

This included running awareness training for employees last year, and a Roundtable with specialists and industry representatives. The round table gave the TIO the opportunity to learn from organisations who work on the ground with people experiencing family violence, and use these insights to provide a better service and create a safer place for TIO employees.

Future work includes publishing guidance for telcos on the TIO’s approach to family violence. This will clarify what telcos can expect when working with the TIO to resolve complaints where consumers are experiencing family violence. In addition, further training for TIO employees in handling complaints where family violence may be a concern is scheduled for the coming months.

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