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TIO exercises powers to join multiple telcos to a complaint

From 1 July 2023, the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman will exercise the powers set out in its Terms of Reference to join multiple telco providers to a single complaint.

Delivery of telecommunications services often involve more than one provider. In some cases, to progress or resolve a complaint, the TIO will require the cooperation of one of the telcos involved in the supply of a service, but who is not the contracting party with the consumer.  

For example, an internet problem may not be dependent on a fix from the internet provider, but rather be due to a fault on a network owned by the carrier. When a carrier fails to cooperate with a provider to fix a problem like a network fault, they may be joined to a complaint. 

Joining multiple telcos to a complaint will result in more efficient and effective complaint resolution. The TIO will be able to provide consumers with faster resolution of problems and better complaint outcomes.  In addition, the initiative encourages greater collaboration and cooperation among involved parties.   

The TIO will decide when telcos are joined to a complaint. 

Quote attributable to Ombudsman Cynthia Gebert: 

“Joining multiple telcos to a complaint will help us resolve complaints faster and make it easier to communicate with everyone involved in resolving a phone or internet problem.  

“We have the necessary processes and systems in place to effectively join telcos to a complaint, and we are confident this initiative will further enhance our ability to deliver exceptional service and swift resolutions for consumers and members.”