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Unusual mobile upgrades

The complaint
Perry* was sold a post-paid that he didn't want or understand.
The outcome
Returned the unwanted tablet and waived all the associated charges

The issue

Perry*, a 75-year-old pensioner, approached Silver Comm to purchase a new plan for a mobile SIM only plan. He said he had limited experience with technology and his only source of income was his pension. 

Perry told the salesperson that his old plan cost $36 per month and he wanted the new plan to be around the same price. However, he was ultimately sold a post-paid plan that included the latest model handset. The plan also included a tablet, which Perry says he did not want or ask for. 

When Perry received his first bill, instead of paying around $36 per month as he wanted, he found he was now paying $161. Perry said the salesperson did not fully explain the costs to him. If the costs had been properly explained he said he would not have agreed to them because he could not afford them. 

The outcome

Perry complained to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. At conciliation, Silver Comm agreed to allow Perry to return the unwanted tablet and waived all the associated charges. Silver Comm also agreed to accept the return of the mobile phone and removed the outstanding mobile plan charges because  it agreed Perry was not put on an appropriate plan for his financial needs.

*Name of individuals, organisations and companies have been changed

How we've helped other customers

Telco E sells technical support to customers who do not understand or need it
Telco E retrained its staff about the service. It also gave customers who were signed up to the service the option to cancel without a cancellation fee
Telco C credits customers who received high bills after using a ‘pre-paid’ service
We worked with Telco C to help it improve the information it gave customers about possible data charges