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Debt collection for overdue charges

We can help with your complaint about how your provider or its collection agents have collected debt for overdue charges. To resolve your complaint, we consider the law, good industry practice and fairness.

Types of complaints about debt collection

We deal with complaints about debt collection such as:

  • consumers being pursued for payment of charges they dispute
  • providers selling debts without telling the consumer
  • harassment by collection agents
  • debt collection that continues after bankruptcy or the end of the limitation period – that is, the period in which a creditor is legally allowed recover debts.

The law and good industry practice

Providers and collection agents can’t harass, threaten or mislead you 

It’s illegal for providers or collection agents to use physical force, harassment or coercion to recover debt from you. They must not mislead you about your debt or the consequences of not paying. 

Providers must tell you if they sell your debt 

If your provider sells a debt of yours, they must tell you, in writing, within 25 business days.

Debt collection should stop after bankruptcy or the end of the limitation period

If you declare bankruptcy, generally, your provider must stop debt collection. It must also stop debt collection after the limitation period, which is six years in most states and territories.

More information

For more detailed information see our guidance on Collecting overdue charges - in detail.

This page was last updated on
30th Aug 2021