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Seeking compensation

We deal with some compensation claims for:

  • financial loss caused by a breach of an obligation that a provider owes a consumer
  • embarrassment or humiliation caused by a privacy breach.

Types of claims for losses

We deal with claims for compensation such as:

  • lost business profit due to connection delays or network faults
  • costs of having to pay for alternative services when a provider does not supply agreed services
  • the costs of repairing a provider’s damage to property
  • the costs of protecting someone’s safety after a provider discloses a consumer’s personal information, for example an unlisted number or address.

We do not deal with claims for compensation:

  • for the costs of making a complaint to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman
  • for inconvenience
  • for loss of business reputation
  • made in order to penalise a provider.


You can only get compensation for losses directly caused by your provider 

We assess claims by first determining if there was a breach by the provider. Then we consider the impact of the breach on you.

For financial loss, you will have to show evidence of your losses 

For financial loss, you will need to give us evidence to show the loss. This will vary depending on the loss you are claiming for. You should also keep records of all issues as they arise.

You should try to minimise your losses 

When assessing your compensation claim, we will consider what steps you took to protect your interests and minimise any losses.  

Has your question been answered? Find out more about the compensations claims we consider and how we help in our factsheets:

How we've helped other customers

A small business moved premises and their service provider didn't transfer their phone number to the new address.
The service provider paid the small business $16,165 in compensation.
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30th Aug 2021