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Customer service and complaints

We can help with complaints about your provider’s customer service and how it has dealt with your enquiry or complaint. To resolve your customer service complaint, we’ll consider the law, good industry practice and fairness.

Types of customer service complaints

We deal with complaints about customer service such as:

  • being unable to get through to a provider to enquire or complain
  • providers refusing to escalate a problem to a manager or complaints department
  • providers charging consumers to complain
  • providers not doing what they said they would do to resolve a problem
  • providers cancelling a customer’s service because they complained to the TIO.

What you should expect from your provider: the law and industry practice

Customer service should be timely and effective 

Providers must keep call wait times to a reasonable minimum and respond to enquiries in an effective and timely way.

It should be free and easy to complain 

Providers must allow you to make a complaint by phone, fax, letter, email, online or, if they have a retail store, in person. It should be free to complain.

You provider should do what it says it will do 

When a provider agrees to do something to resolve a complaint, they must record this resolution in their systems and carry it out efficiently.

This page was last updated on
28th Mar 2024