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The TIOs exciting new Project Echo is under way

Work is underway at the TIO refreshing the core systems used for managing complaints.

“Project ECHO” (Excellence Complaint Handling Optimisation) is designed to enable the TIO to become a 21st Century Ombudsman by aligning the technological functions of the office to the modern requirements for effective and innovative complaint management and resolution.

The TIO is changing its model to adapt to today’s fast evolving telecommunication industry. New technology developments like Smart Cities driven by the Internet of Things, 5G, the NBN, evolving customer expectations about ease of use, and the need to have a highly digital, flexible workforce are changing the model for the TIO scheme. When complete, Project ECHO will allow the TIO to meet these challenges easier and with confidence.

The technology upgrade includes a redesign of the online complaint form and member portal and proposes a new inclusion of a consumer portal so consumers can track their complaint journey.

In the quest to make it easier for consumers and members, the TIO is also working with human-centred design company “Today”, to ensure the design approach includes systems and process that are easy and simple to use.

When Project ECHO is finished, the TIO will have a state-of-the-art complaints management system. This will allow us to continue to improve the way we work and to ensure a great consumer and member experience.

The project should be completed in 2022.