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The TIO opens remote office in Perth, WA

If there’s one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught organisations, it’s that employees can do their job remotely and do it well. As Teams calls and video chats with colleagues are now the norm, the TIO has decided to expand remote working further than ever by opening a new office in Perth, Western Australia.

The new Perth office will allow the TIO to extend its operating hours with locally based employees working their local standard hours. This will make the TIO’s dispute resolution services more accessible for all Australians, but especially for those in the west-coast time zone.

The expansion of the office, known internally as Project Kaya*, also enables the organisation to diversify its work force and advertise Perth-based roles. Recruitment is currently underway for a team leader, and subsequent roles will be advertised before the end of this financial year.

Project Sponsor and Assistant Ombudsman James McDonald said, “Thanks to the magic of time zones and daylight savings, having a team in WA is going to make accessing our services so much easier for those not on the East Coast.”

“But something that really excites me about our Perth office is that rather than flying over, it will be easier for us to get out there and talk more with the community and our members in WA directly, without having to navigate border closures.”

“The WA crew will be able to attend outreach events to raise awareness of our service. And they’ll be able to work with our members based over there to help them understand more about our processes.”

Interested in working with us in Perth? Keep and eye on our careers page or follow us on LinkedIn.

*Kaya is the Noongar word for ‘hello’, and Noongar is the language spoken by the 14 Aboriginal groups in Noongar country, the southwest corner of Western Australia.