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The time is right for a telco registration scheme

The telecommunications Industry Ombudsman supports the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network’s (ACCAN) call for a registration scheme for retail phone and internet providers.

See ACCAN's release: Retail registration scheme a must for Aussie Telcos

The telecommunications sector does not have a registration, authorisation, or licensing scheme for service providers that sell directly to consumers. Providers should be required to demonstrate they can satisfy the minimum capabilities required to deliver such an essential service to consumers in Australia. 

Commenting on ACCAN’s media release, Ombudsman Cynthia Gebert said, “Consumers need to be protected from telcos that, under the current regime, can appear one day and disappear the next. 

“The absence of a registration scheme means there’s very few barriers to entry for the sale of phone and internet services, and this is a critical gap when telecommunications is so essential. A registration scheme would also ensure providers can meet the minimum requirements expected by consumers.

“In a healthy marketplace of over 1500 telcos, the time is right for a registration scheme that ensures providers can meet the minimum requirements expected by consumers.”