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Industry codes of practice

Did you know...?

Before you buy a product or service... If you tell a telecommunications provider what you need a service for, they must tell you if they have anything on offer that might suit you. They have to describe products and services accurately. If a provider does not tell you important things you should know before you buy something from them, they have to fix any problems resulting from this.

Before you get your bill... Your provider has to tell you how they can help you control spending on your service(s).

When you get your bill... Your provider's bills should be easy to read and understand. Your provider should be able to show your bill is correct, and give you enough information for you to check this yourself.

If you cannot afford to pay your bill... If you tell your provider you are having trouble paying bills (e.g. because you are unemployed or sick), your provider must explain how you can apply to pay your bill over time. Your provider's "financial hardship" policy must be easy to find on its website.

If you have a complaint... Your provider must handle your complaint politely and fairly, and within clear timeframes. If you say you are not happy with the progress of a complaint, your provider must tell you how you can take it further—both inside and outside the provider, e.g. to a supervisor or manager, or to the TIO.

The above information is from rules in the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code. These rules were created to ensure good service and fair outcomes for all consumers of telecommunications services in Australia.

The Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code is one of several industry codes of practice that set minimum standards for telecommunications service providers in Australia.

The TIO has the power to receive, investigate, and help resolve consumer complaints that involve code-related matters. Whenever the TIO helps to resolve consumer complaints about telecommunication services, we consider if a provider has followed the rules in relevant industry codes of practice.

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