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Help to manage your usage

We can help with your complaint about a provider not doing enough to help you manage your usage and how much you are spending. To resolve your complaint, we consider the law, good industry practice and fairness.

Types of complaints about managing usage

We deal with complaints about managing usage such as providers:

  • not giving consumers enough information about how to monitor, manage or limit their usage
  • providing tools for managing usage that are faulty
  • not stopping or telling consumers about unusually high usage or charges.

What you should expect from your provider: the law and industry practice

Providers must give you a way of managing your usage 

For both pre- and post-paid services, your provider must give you at least one tool to help you manage how much you are using and spending. They must also make sure you can easily find free information about the tools that are available.

You should get usage notifications for post-paid services 

If you have post-paid mobile or internet, your provider must give you usage notifications when you reach 50%, 85% and 100% of any call, text or data allowance. The notifications must be easy to understand, free and sent to you within 48 hours.

You should be warned about any unusually high spending 

Providers should monitor your usage and how much you are spending. They should tell you straight away about any unusually high spending and how you can stop it.

More information

For more detailed information see our guidance on Managing usage and expenditure on a service.

This page was last updated on
30th Aug 2021