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TIO Board report – April 2015

08 May 2015

With the unitary Board now entering its second year, Committee activity is becoming more established. A formal cycle of Committee and Board meetings is in place, with each committee meeting between three to five times annually, depending on the circumstances, and the Board anticipating meeting eight times in 2015.  The Board is also planning to hold a strategy session in 2015, following on from the session conducted in late 2014.

The Board welcomed two new Directors in February 2015. David Epstein, SingTel Optus’ Vice President of Corporate Affairs, joins the Board as Director with Industry Experience. Gordon Renouf, founder and CEO of Ethical Consumers Australia, joins as Director with Consumer Experience.  

The new appointments come as Chris Dodds and Michael Elsegood retired from the TIO Board in February 2015. Our appreciation goes to both Mr Dodds and Mr Elsegood for the significant contributions they made to the TIO in their years of service. 

Key items on the Board’s agenda during 2015 include:

  • setting the next strategy for TIO 
  • establishing the TIO’s 2015-16 budget
  • commencing reviews of the TIO’s constituent documents – the Constitution of TIO Limited and the TIO Terms of Reference
  • reviewing the TIO’s Risk Management Framework, 
  • conducting the next two forums for small members of TIO Limited – these forums are scheduled for August and November, in Brisbane and Perth respectively, and
  • considering a proposal for provision of infrastructure as a service for the TIO.

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