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Bob learns how the TIO can help

16 November, 2020

Bob’s internet is down, and he can’t fix it with his telco. Where can he go for help? And what is an Ombudsman?

Esme finds out what complaints the TIO can help with

16 November, 2020

When Esme’s landline phone stops working, she asks the TIO for help. What phone and internet problems can the TIO help with?

Ash discovers how to make a complaint with TIO

16 November, 2020

Ash has a problem with his phone bill. What does he need to do before asking the TIO for help? And how does he make a complaint?

Wendy makes a complaint with the TIO

16 November, 2020


When Wendy can’t fix a problem with her telco, she asks the TIO for help. What happens when she makes a complaint with the TIO?

Wendy learns what the TIO does when the complaint is not fixed with her telco

16 November, 2020

The TIO sent Wendy’s complaint to her telco, but it’s still not fixed. What are the next steps for Wendy, her telco, and the TIO?