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Information about most Australian landline numbers is publicly available. However, some consumers ask for a silent line service, meaning that their number is not listed in public directories or displayed to the receiver of any calls. We can help with your complaints about problems with a silent line. 

We also deal with complaints about how a provider has managed your personal information, such as your contact details or credit information. To resolve your privacy complaints, we’ll consider the law, good industry practice and fairness.

Types of privacy complaints

We deal with complaints about privacy such as providers:

  • not providing a silent line after agreeing to
  • accidentally publishing or disclosing an unlisted number
  • not activating calling number display blocking for a silent line
  • sharing a consumer’s personal information without their permission
  • not letting a consumer access their personal information
  • keeping personal information that’s incorrect.


What you should expect from your provider: the law and industry practice

Your unlisted numbers should be kept private 

Providers must not disclose an unlisted number or address, and must automatically block calling number display for unlisted landline numbers. Any disclosures should be fixed as soon as possible. We may treat complaints about disclosure as urgent.  

Providers can only share your personal information for certain reasons 

Generally, providers can only use and share your personal information for the purpose for which it was collected, or in ways you would reasonably expect. 

You have a right to access your own personal information 

Generally, a provider that has personal information about you must share that information with you when you ask.

Has your question been answered? Find out more about silent line complaints and how we handle them in our position statement on silent lines. Find out more about personal information complaints and how we handle them in our position statement on personal information (Australian Privacy Principles).

Here's how other cases were managed

High pressure and misleading sales calls resulting in consumers signing up for services they do not need.
New compliance training for sales staff and cancelling of unwanted contracts during the cooling off period.
Payment details were accidently deleted from the customers account.
Details were restored and a discount applied to the account.

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04th Jun 2019
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