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Damage to your property or a provider’s infrastructure

We can help with your complaint about a provider damaging your land or property while planning, installing or repairing infrastructure or a telecommunications service. We also deal with complaints about providers trying to recover costs for damage to their infrastructure. To resolve these complaints, we’ll consider the law, good industry practice and fairness.

Types of complaints about damage

We deal with complaints about damage to infrastructure or property from people:

  • claiming that a provider damaged their land or property
  • disputing a provider’s attempt to recover costs for damage to its infrastructure.


Good industry practice and the law

You may have to pay to fix any damage you cause to infrastructure 

People must take reasonable steps to avoid damaging underground cables and equipment. If you don’t take reasonable steps, like calling Dial Before You Dig before excavating, a provider can ask you to pay to repair any damage you cause.

Providers can come onto your property 

By law, providers can come onto a person’s land to plan, install or fix network infrastructure that they own.

Providers must fix any damage they cause 

When coming onto your land to plan, install or fix network infrastructure, providers must do everything they can to avoid damage. They must fix any damage they cause, except for changes that are needed for the infrastructure to work.

More information

For more detailed information read our guidance:

This page was last updated on
14th Apr 2022