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Connecting a property to the network

We can help with your complaint about connection infrastructure – that is, the cables and equipment that connect your property to the telecommunications network. To resolve these complaints, we’ll consider the law, good industry practice and fairness.

Types of connection complaints

We deal with complaints about connection such as:

  • a provider didn’t tell a consumer about how to prepare their property for a service connection
  • a provider installed infrastructure in an inconvenient or dangerous way
  • a provider and consumer disagree about who is responsible for looking after cables or equipment on a property.


Good industry practice and the law

You should be told how to prepare for a connection 

Providers must give consumers full instructions about anything they need to do to prepare their property for a service connection – such as digging a trench, clearing a safe work area, or cutting tree branches.

Infrastructure should be installed safely 

By law, providers must protect people’s safety, use good engineering practice and follow recognised industry standards when installing infrastructure. 

You are responsible for cables on your side of the network boundary 

Usually, consumers are responsible for installing cabling that isn’t supplied by the provider as part of the service. Consumers are also generally responsible for fixing problems on their side of the boundary with the network.

How we've helped other customers

A carrier wanted to install an underground conduit and cable and replace an existing telco pit on rural land next to a railway line to improve the telecommunications network it operates.
We considered the proposed location was not problematic or inconvenient, and our decision meant the carrier could go ahead with the activity.
This page was last updated on
30th Aug 2021