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High and disputed charges

We can help with your complaint about charges and rates that you didn’t agree to, as well as complaints about excess usage charges and administrative fees that you think are too high. To resolve your complaint, we consider the law, good industry practice and fairness.

Types of complaints about charges

We deal with complaints about issues such as consumers being charged:

  • at different rates than they agreed to
  • high administrative or miscellaneous fees
  • for services they weren’t aware of or didn’t agree to, such as mobile premium services, mobile roaming, third party services or equipment rental
  • for excess usage
  • for unauthorised usage by a third party.

What you should expect from your provider: the law and industry practice

The charges on your bills must be valid, correct and verifiable 

Providers must make sure that charges on bills are valid, correctly calculated and verifiable. They must give you enough information to check that the charges match what you agreed to.

You shouldn’t have to pay to bar premium mobile services 

If you ask your provider to bar mobile premium services – services such as ringtones and games sent from numbers that start with ‘19’ – they must put the bar in place by 6.00 pm the next business day. They must not charge you for barring premium services. 

You and your provider should keep your service secure

Your provider must give you any instructions you need to make your service secure, and tell you straight away if they notice any unusual usage on your account. If your phone is lost or stolen, you should tell your provider straight away. 

More information

For more detailed information read our guidance on Charges - in detail.

How we've helped other customers

Neil was not offered a reasonable payment arrangement when he was unable to work
After we referred Neil’s complaint to Pebble Telco’s escalated complaints team, Pebble Telco agreed Neil could pay off his debt over several months, at a monthly rate he could afford.
Conall was sold more than $15,000 worth of mobiles and accessories while on a government pension by CurbTel.
CurbTel agreed to waive the cancellation fees out of goodwill to Conall. It let him keep his mobile handsets.
This page was last updated on
28th Mar 2024