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Wendy Wang, Assistant Ombudsman of Dispute Resolution

Meet Wendy Wang, the TIO’s New Assistant Ombudsman of Dispute Resolution

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman is pleased to announce Wendy Wang has been appointed Assistant Ombudsman of Dispute Resolution.

“I’m delighted to be leading the TIO’s work in this new capacity,” Wendy said. “I know this role as Assistant Ombudsman is integral to our provision of a quick, fair and accessible complaint resolution service for telco consumers. I really look forward to working with consumers, members, regulators, industry stakeholders and of course, my fantastic teams of dispute resolution professionals.”

Wendy’s five years of experience at the TIO made her an ideal fit to take on the leading role in telco dispute resolution. She started at the TIO as a Dispute Resolution Specialist and later became the Policy and Systemic Issues Lead in the Improvement, Policy & Reporting Team. Most recently, Wendy was Acting Assistant Ombudsman of Dispute Resolution. She has now been made permanent in this role. Prior to the TIO, her background includes years of experience as a senior legal professional in commercial litigation and at the corporate regulator ASIC.

“My extensive background at the TIO allows me to jump straight into the role,” she said. “I have a solid understanding of best practice in telco complaint handling, what we need to do to continue delivering a world-class dispute resolution service, and any roadblocks we might encounter along the way. I feel ready to meet the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.”

To keep up with a rapidly evolving sector, Wendy will focus on targeted resolution strategies to facilitate quick and effective resolution of different complaints. She will also look at developing knowledge and capability across newer complaint areas, such as non-financial loss and the statutory infrastructure provider regime.

Commenting on the new appointment, General Manager of People & Culture Gaye Wealthy said, “Wendy was an outstanding candidate for this position. In her previous roles she demonstrated respectful, empowering and inclusive leadership – that, coupled with her practical experience in dispute resolution and specialist knowledge in the telco industry made it obvious she would excel in this role.

“While Wendy has been Acting Assistant Ombudsman, she has already quickly developed positive relationships and support across the leadership team and making effective and informed decisions when needed. We are very excited to appoint Wendy to this important role and we are looking forward to her contribution and leadership in the future.”

Wendy has also recently returned from parental leave taking care of her first child, and she is very passionate about flexible working and cultivating a workplace that suits everyone’s needs.

“I feel very grateful to work for an organisation where having a family and career progression are both possible,” she said.

Wendy’s strong core beliefs about good leadership will guide her in this new role.

“I value authentic leadership from the heart. It requires a lot of confidence to be open with your people, but it is the best way of building trust. Fortunately, I’ve had some great role models at the TIO.

“I also always assume the best of my people. I have noticed people often exceed my expectations when I assume they want to do their best.”

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