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Industry codes the TIO considers

When relevant to investigating and resolving complaints, the Ombudsman may take into account the safeguards and obligations in the following Codes:

The Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code C628:2015

The Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code sets minimum standards on:

  • advertising and point of sale information about prices, terms and conditions
  • consumer contracts
  • customer service
  • billing practice and information
  • credit management practice, including provision of spend management tools and financial hardship policies for consumers experiencing financial difficulties
  • transfer of telecommunications services between providers, and
  • complaint handling practice.

The Mobile Premium Services Code C637:2011

Contains minimum standards for the advertising, delivery, billing and handling of complaints about information and entertainment content services delivered to mobile phones. More information:

Priority assistance for life threatening medical conditions C609:2007

Contains procedures for service providers to ensure that individuals with a diagnosed life threatening medical condition (at risk of rapid deterioration) have continuous access to a standard telephone service.

Handling of life threatening and unwelcome communications C525:2010

Contains procedures for carriers and service providers to cooperatively handle threatening or repeated unwelcome communications.

Connect Outstanding C617:2017

Contains procedures for reducing the time it takes to disconnect the service of a previous occupant so that the new occupant of a premises can connect a service.

Mobile Number Portability C570:2009

Contains procedures for transferring (porting) a mobile telephone number between providers.

Local Number Portability C540:2013

Contains procedures for transferring (porting) a local telephone number between providers.

Pre-selection C515:2015

Contains procedures to enable consumers to choose a preferred provider for pre-selectable services, e.g. services accessed via an override code.

Calling Number Display C522:2007

Sets minimum privacy standards for telephone number display and availability of information about calling line identification.