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Extension of Ombudsman’s resignation date

At the request of Michael Lavarch, Board Chair, and with the endorsement of the Board, Ombudsman Judi Jones has changed the effective date of her resignation from Thursday 31 March to Friday 29 April. During April, Judi will only be fulfilling those decision-making aspects of the role that cannot be delegated. All other aspects of the role will be delegated to the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).

Under this arrangement, Judi will continue to issue directions on land access objections and make decisions that are not already delegated to approved decision makers. 

This decision is based on providing a smooth transition for the organisation until Cynthia Gebert commences in the Ombudsman role on Monday 2 May. During the transition period, the TIO will continue to focus on its purpose of delivering a fair, independent, and accessible dispute resolution service and improving outcomes for members and consumers.