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Payment problems and errors

We can help with your complaint about direct debit payments, payment fees, and payments that are missing or applied incorrectly. To resolve your complaint, we consider the law, good industry practice and fairness.

Types of complaints about payments

We deal with complaints about payments such as:

  • direct debits taken without notice or authorisation, on the wrong date, or for the wrong amount
  • providers trying repeatedly to take a direct debit after the first attempt fails
  • payments that are missing or applied incorrectly
  • providers charging a fee for certain ways of paying bills.

What you should expect from your provider: the law and industry practice

You have a right to check and cancel direct debits

Usually, providers must give you a bill listing your charges at least 10 business days before taking a direct debit from your account. They must make sure you can check that your direct debit arrangements match what you agreed to, and that you can easily cancel a direct debit.

There should be at least one free way to pay

Before you agree to a service, providers must give you clear information about how you can pay, and whether there are any fees for paying in certain ways. They must offer at least one free payment method. 

You can’t be charged a late payment fee if you pay on time 

If you pay on or before the due date, the payment must be visible in your provider’s system within two business days and applied to your account within five business days. Providers can’t charge you a late payment fee if you made the payment on or before the due date.

More information

For more detailed information read our guidance on Payments - in detail.

How we've helped other customers

Neil was not offered a reasonable payment arrangement when he was unable to work
After we referred Neil’s complaint to Pebble Telco’s escalated complaints team, Pebble Telco agreed Neil could pay off his debt over several months, at a monthly rate he could afford.
Conall was sold more than $15,000 worth of mobiles and accessories while on a government pension by CurbTel.
CurbTel agreed to waive the cancellation fees out of goodwill to Conall. It let him keep his mobile handsets.
This page was last updated on
23rd Nov 2023