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Revised Terms of Reference published today

On 26 September 2017, the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman Board adopted changes to the organisation’s Terms of Reference.
  • reflect the legislative requirement for carriers and intermediaries in the supply of telecommunications services (such as aggregators) to belong to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman
  • strengthen the obligation on members to provide information requested by the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman  in order to resolve a complaint
  • strengthen the obligation on members to cooperate with Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman decisions.

These changes can be viewed in the marked up Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman Terms of Reference - October 2017.

Revised Terms of Reference can be found here.   

More information about the scope of the changes can be found in the Guidance Note.

The Terms of Reference review received 12 submissions from industry, consumer advocates and regulators. In the interests of an open, transparent process, the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman has published most submissions, however three submissions have not been published as two submitters requested confidentiality; and one submission did not address the question of how the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman involves carriers and intermediaries.

Submissions received:

Financial Counselling Australia
Inabox Group
Ant Communications
Communications Alliance