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Chin Haka


TIO Kong Langhternak


Telifawn Pehtlaihnak lei Sehzung Dingthlu Laireltu ti mi Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, (TIO) hi zeidah a si?

TIO cu telifawn le internet kampani pawl he buaibainak, an mah tein aa phisin kho lo mi pawl man lo in a bawm mi bu pakhat a si.

Asinain, na lungtlin lonak kan mah sin na kan chawnh hlan ah nangmah tein phisin hmasa na zuam hrimhrim ding a si.

Kan hlathlai khawh mi

TIO nih hin mobile. inn fawn le internet lei buaibainak a tanglei he aa pehtlai mi pawl a hlathlai khawh.:

  • bill kong (a dik lomi plan, man halning a dik lo, bill kuat a tlai, ti pawl relchih in)
  • mobile fawn cakuatnak tuahtu hna he buaibainak ( phiatter khawh lo )
  • aa palh mi le a riantuanning a tha lomi
  • line peh piak a tlai
  • leiba haltu nih an tuah mi pawl (a cheuchum in peknak ca tuah khawh lo le leiba a cham lomi cazin ah um nak pawl relchih in)
  • hnatlaknak tuah mi (a dik lomi asilole a fiang lomi zulhphung pawl).

Kan hlathlai khawh lo mi

Atanglei lungtlin lonak pawl hi kan hlathlai kho hna lo:

  • na kan pehtlaih hlan in kum hnih chung na rak hngalh cang mi buaibainak (buaibainak cheukhat cu kum ruk tiang sauh khawh a si)
  • telifawn pehtlaihnak kong i a cozah polisi
  • pumpak nih ngeih mi telifawn pehtlaihnak thilri (a man pek dih cang mi mobile kuang le computer pawl relchih in)
  • mobile ringtone tuahnak le website pawl chung thilri
  • kampani nih an thil hman man asilole an thilri man a khiah mi
  • biaceihnak zung a phan cang mi asilole zung kal ding in ni khiah cang mi buaibainak pawl.

Holhlet in cawnhnak

Holhlet na herh ahcun 131 450 hin chawn. Man pek a hau lo. Mirang holh na lun lo ahcun nangmah aiawh in TIO sin i lungtlin lonak a chimtu minung pakhat in nawlpek khawh a si.

TIO chawnhnak
Man lo fawn: 1800 062 058*
TTY: 1800 675 692
Ca in kuatnak:
Man lo fax kuatnak: 1800 630 614
PO Box 276
  Collins Street West Vic 8007

* Mobile fawn in chawnh ahcun a man a um, a dih zat cu na hman mi kampani cungah aa hngat. Mobile fawn in na kan chawnh ahcun kan chim law kan mah tu nih kan in chawnh than lai.










Phone and Internet Bundle

case study image

A man contacted us because he was not provided with the service agreed to in his contract for a bundled landline and internet service.

Next step?              

  • make an online complaint
  • 1800 062 058                
  • Write PO Box 276
    Collins Street West Vic 8007                            
  • National Relay Service Call on 1800 555 677 then ask for 1800 062 058            
  • Fax our consumer complaint form to 1800 630 614