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Seasonal tips

15 Dec 2011

The end-of-year holidays are a time of giving, rest and enjoyment, which can have a significant impact on family expenses. While you plan that well-deserved break overseas or stuff the kids’ Christmas stockings with gadgets, take a moment to consider the following tips from us to help you start 2012 on the right foot.

Telecommunications debt rising

13 Sep 2011

Credit Management issues are becoming more prevalent in the complaints heard by the TIO, due poor consumer information as well as social disadvantage.

Direct debits

13 Sep 2011

Not receiving a bill that you know will be the same month to month can be convenient, even environmentally friendly, but as complaints to the TIO demonstrate, agreeing to pay your account by direct debit can have its pitfalls.

International roaming: know your rights

13 Sep 2011

Many people want to stay in touch with friends and family when they travel overseas, but are unsure whether their mobile will work and if it does, if they will receive extra charges for using it.

What affects the speed of an internet connection?

13 Sep 2011

As more people are becoming connected to the internet and the types of internet services continue to increase, the TIO has received numerous complaints about the speed at which people can connect to the internet.

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Disputed credit default listing

case study - credit listing

Rachel applied for a personal loan but her application was rejected because she had a default listing.

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