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TIO launches guidelines to help owners and carriers understand their land access rights

17 June 2015

Did you know that a telecommunications carrier could install a low-impact facility on most properties without the owner or occupier’s consent?  

The Telecommunications Act gives telco carriers power to access land to install low-impact facilities, such as antennas, radio communications equipment, cabling and equipment shelters. Carriers must however, follow a specified process, including that they must generally give the owner or occupier written notice of their intention to install, maintain or upgrade a low impact facility at least 10 business days before the proposed start date of the activities. And owners/occupiers may be able to object to the planned activity in certain circumstances. 

The TIO has developed plain-English Guidelines on the installation and maintenance of low-impact facilities to help landowners or occupiers and carriers understand their land access rights and responsibilities. The Guidelines on the installation and maintenance of low-impact facilities include a summary of the important time frames, the grounds for objection and what can be expect from the TIO if a dispute is raised.  

The TIO can deal with land access complaints and make determinations about an owner or occupier’s objection to a proposed installation. Ombudsman Simon Cohen finalised 14 land access objections in the 2013-14 financial year. 

If you have a land access enquiry, contact TIO staff on 1800 062 058 or download the Guidelines.


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