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TIO at Yabun, Mardi Gras and Having a Say

29 April 2016

The TIO regularly attends community events as a cost-effective way to ensure the TIO is accessible and known.

We started the year by attending three major events: Yabun and Mardi Gras Fair Day in NSW, and the Having a Say conference in Victoria.

Yabun festival

We attended the Yabun Indigenous culture festival held in Sydney on 26 January, speaking with some of the 15,000 people who attended the event.

“We had a constant stream of visitors, and those who had used our service said we were great,” said Valerie Passey, one of the TIO officers at the stall. “Best of all were the community workers of various kinds who helped distribute dozens of TIO brochures to help raise awareness of our service among their clients.”  

People who had not heard about the TIO before Yabun walked away knowing there is a service they can use if they cannot solve a complaint directly with their provider. Others were keen to tell our officers about a problem that they, or someone they knew, had with their provider. We gave them information on how to contact the TIO to discuss their issues further or make a complaint.  

Mardi Gras fair day

Almost 80,000 people gathered on 21 February at Sydney’s Victoria Park for Fair Day, one of the largest events to celebrate the Mardi Gras festival with the LGBTQI community. The TIO was among community groups, businesses and LGBTQI organisations offering information.

Most festival-goers who had used our services in the past were positive about their experience, and many learned about our services for the first time. People responded well to our information and asked questions about how the TIO could help with telecommunications issues such as internet service faults.  

“The day's demographic spanned across all ages, and it was the perfect opportunity to reach out to a large number of telco consumers,” TIO officer Frankey Chung said.  

Having a Say conference

The TIO shared information with more than 500 visitors and delegates at the Having a Say conference for people with disabilities in Geelong in February. The TIO joined organisations that cater to the needs of people with disabilities, including services for carers, online disability directories, sports services, and accommodation advocates for people with disabilities.

“We spoke to a range of consumers with different needs and disabilities,” said TIO officer Meredith Burnet. “Many consumers were very savvy about what they wanted and needed from a telco service and it was good to share information about the TIO so they know where to turn to if they are unable to resolve a problem.”

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