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NBN update

16 December 2014

NBN-related complaints decreased since July 2014

We received 1,229 NBN-related new complaints in July-September 2014, with complaints decreasing month-to-month over the quarter. In particular, the number of NBN-related complaints recorded in September 2014 was the lowest since December 2013. NBN-related new complaints made up 4 per cent of our overall new complaints.

We also conciliated 232 complaints and investigated 9 complaints.

Connection issues

Connection issues continued to be the most common problem raised by consumers making a complaint about an NBN service. These included complaints about delays in connecting new landline and internet services and premature disconnection of copper service while a consumer waited for a connection. These issues decreased each month in the quarter.

Consumers raised an issue about a connection delay in 285 new internet complaints and 282 new landline complaints. These complaints often involved concerns from consumers about repeated rescheduling of connection dates, sometimes without explanation from their service provider. In other cases, consumers complained about not being offered an alternative service by their provider while they waited for their NBN service connection. 

Missed appointments

NBN-related complaints about missed appointments also decreased each month in the quarter. We received 58 complaints about missed appointments for internet services and 77 complaints about missed  appointments for landlines.

Continuity problems

A theme in NBN-related complaints has been about “continuity”. This includes consumer complaints that:
copper services are disconnected before the NBN service is connected
copper services are disconnected incorrectly in areas classed as where new copper services are no longer offered (“cease sale” areas), and
residents of new developments where copper cannot be connected experience delays and are not offered alternative services. 

Significantly, these issues have reduced by 50 per cent in July-September 2014 compared to the previous three months. 

NBN-related matters can include complaints recorded to retail service providers (RSPs) or directly to NBN Co, the wholesaler. Most of these are registered to RSPs, and very few to NBN Co.  

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