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Consumer tips for avoiding high global roaming charges

14 December 2012

Before travelling overseas, we encourage consumers to contact their telco and make sure they are fully informed about all potential costs and charges of international roaming and other international telephone services.

  • Find out the costs of global roaming for voice and data services before using either service.
  • Ask whether your telco has products designed specifically for roaming, such as data roaming packs, as these may reduce your overall costs.
  • As when buying any product, ask questions to ensure you understand what you are agreeing to and the possible costs involved.
  • Even if you have used global roaming previously, it is still important to contact your provider as the costs can vary significantly between countries.
  • You can ask your telco to restrict your access to global roaming (if this was previously set up).  Also find out how you can turn off global roaming and data settings on your phone.
  • To avoid international call charges for incoming calls, you can set an unconditional call diversion to voicemail before leaving Australia. This means that all incoming calls divert directly to voicemail and will remain within the Australian network. Your provider will be able to explain the remote retrieval process and costs to you.
  • If you incur a large roaming bill, you should contact your telco to discuss it and ask for more information about how it was incurred. If you believe the debt is not correct and you cannot resolve the issue with your provider, you can contact the TIO.

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