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Complaint statistics October-December 2014

16 March 2015

We recorded 29,560 new complaints from October to December 2014, 3.2 per cent fewer than in July-September 2014 and 11.4 per cent fewer than at the same time in 2013.

This result is also the lowest since July-September 2007, when we recorded 26,632 new complaints.

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Mobile new complaints

Mobile new complaints (14,743) decreased by 1.9 per cent from the previous quarter, and were 21 per cent fewer than at the same quarter last year. These complaints dropped below 15,000 for the first time since January-March 2008.

The decline was due to fewer billing issues, including fewer complaints about excess data charges, which decreased 21.3 per cent to 1,984. We also received 1,546 new complaints about poor mobile coverage, the lowest result since April-June 2010.

Internet and landline complaints

New complaints about landlines (7,971) and internet (6,846) declined by 7.8 per cent and 0.2 per cent respectively from July-September 2014.

There were more complaints about both internet and landline faults and connections. Consumers complained about a fault in 3,039 new internet complaints, more than 44 per cent of those received. The top fault issues included fully unusable services, slow data speeds and drop outs.

Landline consumers reported 13.6 per cent more problems with fully unusable services, or 1,078 complaints. Problems with landline connection delays increased 13.9 per cent, to 1,004 complaints. Of those, 319 issues (31.8 per cent) were for NBN-related complaints.

Complaints by provider

Complaints about Telstra, VHA Group, and Optus made up 76.3 per cent of all our new complaints recorded in the period.

Provider Complaints Oct-Dec % change from Jul-Sep 14 % change from Oct-Dec 13
Telstra 13,498 -5.4 0.7
VHA Group (Vodafone, 3, Crazy John’s) 5,355 -14.6 -44.7
Optus 3,699 17.2 11.7

For a detailed list of complaints by providers see our Statistics page. 

NBN-related new complaints

We received 1,414 NBN-related new complaints in the last quarter, 14.9 per cent more than in July-September 2014. Connections continued to be the most common issue about NBN-related new complaints, reported in 746 cases or 52.8 per cent of all NBN-related new complaints. As at the end of December 2014, the number of premises activated to the NBN (322,391) increased by 20.8 per cent compared to the end of September 2014 (266,984) (Source: NBN Co.).

NBN-related complaints include those registered to retail service providers (RSPs) and cases registered to NBN Co. While complaints identified as NBN-related arise from services provided over the NBN, this may not mean it has been directly caused by the NBN or NBN Co.

Trending issues


down arrow


Failure to action undertakings
Quarter-on-quarter: -8.3%
Year-on-year: -27.4%

Excess data charges
Quarter-on-quarter: -21.3%
Year-on-year: -38.2%

Incorrect or unusually high bills
Quarter-on-quarter: -15.7%
Year-on-year: -23.5%

Up up arrow

Poor contract information
Quarter-on-quarter: +13.9%
Year-on-year: +3.8%

Unfair enforcement of contract terms
Quarter-on-quarter: +35.4%

Disputed termination fees
Quarter-on-quarter: +5.4%
Year-on-year: -13.3%


down arrow

Incorrect or unusually high bills
Quarter-on-quarter: -21.9%

Poor contract information
Quarter-on-quarter: -20.9%

Delay in connecting an in-place landline service
Quarter-on-quarter: -28.8%

Up up arrow

Fully unusable landline service
Quarter-on-quarter: +13.6%

Delay in connecting a new landline service
Quarter-on-quarter: +11.8%

Missed connection appointments
Quarter-on-quarter: +25.0%
Year-on-year: +74.8%


down arrow

Disputed recurring charges
Quarter-on-quarter: -11.5%
Year-on-year: +3.5%

Incorrect or unusually high internet bills
Quarter-on-quarter: -25.1%
Year-on-year:+ 4.7%

Disputed termination fees
Quarter-on-quarter: -19.8%

Up up arrow

Fully unusable internet service
Quarter-on-quarter: +17.2%
Year-on-year: +17.5%

Delay in connecting a new internet service
Quarter-on-quarter: +13.9%

Unfair enforcement of contract terms
Quarter-on-quarter: +15.2%
Year-on-year: +41.9%

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