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Complaint statistics July to September 2014

16 December 2014


The TIO recorded 30,539 new complaints in July-September 2014, the lowest reported in seven years.  

The result is 9.1 per cent lower than April-June 2014 and 14.6 per cent lower than in the same quarter in 2013. July-September 2014 was the lowest quarter since July-September 2007, when we recorded 29,560 new complaints.

New complaints by service type

New complaints about mobile services decreased 8.1 per cent compared to April-June 2014 and 23.2 per cent less than the same time in 2013. New mobile complaints were at their lowest since January-March 2008. Notably, complaints about mobiles represented less than half of our complaints in both April-June and July-September 2014 for the first time in four years.

The decline in July-September was the result of fewer billing and credit management issues as well as a further reduction of fault issues. While disputed excess charges were the most common mobile concern, we recorded 13.1 per cent fewer reports about this problem.

New internet complaints decreased 14.9 per cent from the previous quarter and 10.8 per cent compared to the same quarter in 2013. The results were caused by fewer complaints about internet faults and connection delays.

Similarly for landlines, a reduction in faults and connection delays issues resulted in 5.8 per cent fewer landline complaints compared to the previous quarter. However, this number is 2 per cent higher than at the same time last year.

Complaints by provider

Four providers received more than 1,000 new complaints in July-September 2014, and accounted for 80.1 per cent of all new complaints during the quarter. Complaints for all these providers decreased when compared to the previous quarter.

Provider Complaints Change from
Jul-Sep 14
Change from
Jul-Sep 14
Telstra 14,263 -6.9% 0.2%
Vodafone 6,267 -14.6% -29.8%
Optus 3,157 -9.1% -17%
TPG 1,057 -9.3% -23.8%

Main issues

Billing and payments was the most common type of issue reported by consumers in the last quarter, appearing in 48.6 per cent of new complaints. 

Customer service continued its downward trend for the fifth quarter in a row, appearing in 43.2 per cent of new complaints.

Trending issues


 down arrow Excess data charges 2,508 (-13.1%)
Poor contract information 
2,007 (-2.2%)
Poor mobile coverage
1,638 (-18.1%)
 Up up arrow Collections agents pursuing
payment of a disputed debt

616 (+3.4%)
Faulty bundled mobile equipment
564 (+2.9%)
 down arrow Fully unusable internet service
1,055 (-19.2%)
Slow data speed
992 (-8.7%)
Disputed recurring charges
889 (-28.1%)
New connection delay
868 (-24.9%)
 Up up arrow  Incorrect or unusually high bills
694 (+11.6%)
Unfair enforcement of contract terms
248 (+20.4%)
Collections agents pursuing payment of a disputed debt
173 (+32.1 %)
 down arrow Fully unusable service
946 (-11.0%)
Delay in connecting new service
898 (-6.4%)
Intermittent or recurring faults
389 (-13.2%)
 Up up arrow Incorrect or unusually high bills
1,316 (+3.5%)
Poor contract information
898 (+6.0%)
Notification of service disconnection/suspension
257 (+4.9%)

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