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2013-14 complaints in context

16 March 2015

Consumers made 275.5 complaints to the TIO for every hundred thousand services in operation (SIO) in Australia in 2013-14. This is a 12.2 per cent decrease from the 2012-13 ratio of 313.6 we reported in March 2014.

The ratio was compiled by comparing TIO new complaint statistics with services in operation (SIO) figures published by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) in its 2013-14 Communications Report.

Overall services in operation decrease

The decrease in the ratio of complaints per hundred thousand services comes at a time when overall services in operation also decreased to 50.4 million in 2013-14 from 50.6 the previous year.

In 2013-14, mobile SIO decreased by 80,000 and landline SIO decreased by 189,000 compared to 2012-13. Internet SIO increased by 123,000.

TIO complaints 2013-14

Overall TIO complaints decreased by 12.4 per cent in 2013-14 to 138,946. We recorded fewer new complaint issues in most categories. Mobile complaints decreased 21.2 per cent, landline complaints increased 1 per cent and internet complaints decreased 0.9 per cent.

Mobile complaint ratio decreases

The most significant decrease in complaints was for mobile services (21 per cent), with 237.1 complaints per hundred thousand services in operation. The drop in complaints came in the context of a 48 per cent drop in mobile fault issues reported to the TIO in 2013-14.

Landline complaint ratio increases

Despite a drop in services in operation, landline complaints recorded a 3.7 per cent increase to 493.2 complaints per hundred thousand, from 475.2 in 2012-13. The increase happened at the same time as the TIO reported a 1 per cent increase in landline complaints due to more fault and connection issues.

Internet complaint ratio decreases

Internet complaints per hundred thousand services decreased 2.6 per cent to 249.5.

About these statistics

The TIO used figures published in the ACMA's Communications Report series between 2010 and 2014, matching SIO categories with the service types the TIO tracks. The ACMA's SIO figures include all services in operation, while the TIO only accepts complaints from residential and small business consumers.

TIO new complaints and telco services in operation

New complaints and services in operation chart

New complaints per 100k services in operation

Chart: new complaints per 100k SIO

Service types New TIO complaints Telco services in operation (SIO) New complaints per 100k SIO Percentage change from 2012-13
Landline 34,280 6,950,000 493.2 3.7
Mobile 73,518 31,010,000 237.1 -21
Internet 31,148 12,483,000 249.5 -2.6
Total  138,946 50,443,000 275.5




Services in operation (SIO): Australian Communications and Media Authority Communications Report series to match TIO service types.

TIO new complaints: TIO Annual Report 2013-14. The TIO receives complaints from residential and small business consumers. The SIO data in the ACMA Communications Report series generally covers all services.

* TIO landline complaints include fixed line and voice over internet protocol (VOIP) services, mostly covered by the CSG Standard. One per cent of TIO landline complaints include payphones, phone cards and land access. ACMA landline SIO includes services covered by the CSG Standard and home VOIP.

** TIO mobile complaints include voice, data accessed via smartphones and tablets, and mobile premium services. 0.01 per cent of TIO mobile complaints include land access. ACMA mobile SIO data includes all mobile services with voice and data.

*** TIO internet complaints include data delivered via modems, dongles or data cards. 0.1 per cent of TIO internet complaints include land access. ACMA internet SIO data excludes data accessed via tablets, and includes data accessed by dongles and data cards.

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