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Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman supports ‘walk away’ campaign

19 July 2017

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman welcomes the Victorian government’s “It’s Ok to Walk Away” campaign launched today, and the government’s commitment to empowering Koori consumers to identify high pressure sales tactics. 

Commenting on the campaign, Judi Jones, Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman says, “With 66,000 new complaints between 1 July and 31 December last year, we see the value phone and internet services have to all residential consumers. Billing and payments, customer service and contracts were some of the most common complaints. If residential consumers or small business have a dispute with their telephone or internet provider and feel it isn’t resolved, they should contact or 1800 062 058.”

Faulty internet

Case Study - Complainant 1

A woman contacted us about speed and drop-out issues with her wireless internet connection.

Next step?              

  • make an online complaint
  • 1800 062 058                
  • Write PO Box 276
    Collins Street West Vic 8007                            
  • National Relay Service Call on 1800 555 677 then ask for 1800 062 058            
  • Fax our consumer complaint form to 1800 630 614