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Customer service

04 July 2011

A man contacted us because he had made a payment twice by mistake. His service provider had promised him a credit on his account some months ago, but the credit had not been applied. He called the service provider every month to ask about the credit. Each time he called he had to explain his situation again as if it was the first time. Then the service provider would tell him the credit would be on the next bill, but it wasn’t.

We found that the service provider was not keeping accurate records of its conversations with the man. It had not recorded the reason for the credit, or recorded why he was calling each time. It also had not told its billing department to apply the credit.

The service provider applied the credit on the next bill and apologised for the poor customer service.

Excess data usage

Brenda - Case Study

The owner of a small pharmacy contacted us after getting billed more than $8,000 for going over her internet usage limit.

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