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Have your say: changes to our Terms of Reference

We’re changing the way we work by updating our terms of reference, and we want to hear what you think.

What are our Terms of Reference?

Our Terms of Reference introduce what we do and how our scheme is managed, and set out the complaints we can and cannot handle, our complaint processes, what is expected from telcos, and how we share and publish information.

Why do they need to be updated?

Evolving technologies, changing consumer needs, and the growth of smart devices are significantly transforming the way the telco sector designs and offers products and services to consumers. We need to keep pace with this rapidly changing landscape and continue to meet community expectations of our service.

What has changed in the new Terms of Reference?

We have proposed a revised structure of our Terms of Reference so that our role is clearer, and the document is easier to navigate. We use clear, modern, and simple language. We propose some changes to our jurisdiction and processes, including:

  • a new definition of “small business”
  • increasing the amount of compensation we can award to consumers
  • extending our ability to accept complaints about devices and equipment
  • the ability to refer a consumer’s complaint to more than one telco

Public consultation process

We encourage you to read our Terms of Reference, and invite you to make a written submission to this consultation by email. You can find the proposed Terms of Reference and accompanying Discussion Paper here.

Submissions close at 5pm on Friday 28 August 2020.