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3G network shutdown continues

In mid-December of 2023, TPG Group, Telstra and Optus announced the staggered closure of their 3G networks to better facilitate the availability and use of the 4G and 5G networks. The shutdown began with TPG/Vodafone network on 15 December 2023 and will continue with Telstra on 31 August and Optus in September 2024.

The shutdown means that devices that rely on the 3G network will no longer have connectivity, including the ability to make calls to 000.

The 3G network shutdown will typically impact older mobile handsets but could also impact other devices that connect over a mobile network such as tablets, smart watches, baby monitors, medical alarms or EFTPOS machines.

In addition to 3G mobile devices, 4G and 5G mobile devices that are not VoLTE compatible may be unable to make calls or receive calls, including calls to emergency services, when the 3G networks are turned off.

Consumers can find out more on the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association website or here.