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By law, if you provide or resell telecommunications services to consumers and small businesses you must join the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.

  1. Fill out our application form.
  2. Keep your information up to date by contacting us and letting us know of any changes to your details.
  3. Read, understand and follow the TIO Company Constitution, Terms of Reference and Privacy Policy. They spell out what we do and expect from you.
  4. Get to know our Complaint Handling Procedures, which explain our processes for handling complaints in detail. We will send you a copy when you first join the Scheme.
  5. Get to know and understand the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code, which we refer to when dealing with complaints.
  6. Get to know and understand the Customer Service Guarantee Standard. It is regulated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority and when it applies, it requires service providers to compensate consumers affected by delays in connections, delays in fault repairs and missed appointments.

Refusal to join the TIO scheme, non-response to TIO complaints or communications, failure to act, or evasive or obstructive conduct potentially demonstrates non-compliant conduct. We refer non-compliant organisations to the ACMA, and publish information about the organisation’s non-compliance, in line with our complaint handling procedure CHP: Refusal to join or failure to comply with the TIO Scheme.

Excess data usage

Brenda - Case Study

The owner of a small pharmacy contacted us after getting billed more than $8,000 for going over her internet usage limit.

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